i like the oilers, feminism, and literally nothing else;

nazem kadri undercover as samir

there’s a stray cat that comes around my house and I feed it when it does and for reasons unknown he came to be known as kanye west and that’s what we call him. Well today my mom found out I’d been feeding him and she got super mad because she hates cats and didn’t want him around so she said I couldn’t go out today because of it which led to me calling my friend and cancelling plans because “my mom caught me stealing chicken for kanye west”.

what other thing should I do for my “NHL +” meme????

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sometimes I just really really wish it was illegal for pregnant people to drink or smoke

did you end up going to any of the Gaza/Palestine protests where you're from? I went to one in San Francisco and it was great

I went to one but the second one I wanted to go to I could t cause of issues w my mom :(


my conch shell brings all the boys to the yard

and they’re like “Kill the beast! Slit his throat! Spill his blood! Do him in!


Kitty, quit giving me puppy dog eyes

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what if my friends dont think im fast enough

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Is juicing worth it? Like are the benefits worth the time investment?


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are you still doing the blog rates?

Yeah I have a bunch left but I’m not on the computer rn so I’ll post them later

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  Postgame Interview (April 26, 2014)